Frequently Asked Questions

<> Advanced training?

The “Academy” is for extended development and skills training during the offseason. Visit the Academy link to view upcoming sessions.

<> Club Officials

Club Officials can be found here

<> Game Times

Saturday mornings 8-12 for U5 - U10.

Sunday afternoons 3-6 for U12 and U14.

<> Parent responsibilities

Parents are leaders for their team—they decide among themselves practice days & times and who will be coach and assistant coach. Coaches, referees, and parents are expected to be good role models. No alcoholic beverages, profanity, unsportsmanlike or abusive behavior is permitted at games or practices.

<> Player Age Requirements

August 1 is the cutoff date--If 6 before August 1, then player is U8. If 8 before August 1, then U10.

If your child is almost 4, the club can make an exception, but parents must know that their child will be playing with children 1 and possibly 2 years older.

<> Player Equipment

Soccer shoes Appropriate size ball (U6-U8 = size 3, U10-U12 = size 4, U13+ = size 5)

Shin guards Drinking water for every practice and game.

The Club provides a uniform consisting of a shirt, shorts, and socks that must be worn at all games.

<> Practice and game location

The club’s recreation league is currently all "In-House” with all games played in Shadow Creek.

<> Practice times

Decided by team parents.

<> Registration fee

$80. For players who played Fall season and return using the same uniform and playing on the same team, Spring registration $40. New players must pay the full $80 spring season.

<> Team size

U6: 6 players per team. 3 v 3 games.

U8: 6 players per team. 4 v 4 games.

U10: 8 players per team. 6 v 6 games with goal keepers.

U12: 12 players per team. 8 v 8 with goal keepers.

<> Uniform size

<> Volunteering

Except for referees, all of those who work with your children for this club are unpaid volunteers. This club is only as strong as its volunteer base. We need your help.

For additional information, please email

SCSC is a registered non-profit soccer organization founded in 2007 dedicated for the promotion of youth soccerll and is a member of the The Houston Youth Soccer Association (HYSA), the South Texas Youth Soccer Association (STYSA), and the United States Youth Soccer Association. All coaches and board members are unpaid volunteers.

<> Advance training

<> Club officials

<> Game times

<> Parent responsibilities

<> Player Age Requirements

<> Player equipment

<> Playing time per child

<> Practice and game location

<> Registration fees

<> Team size

<> Uniform size

<> Volunteering